Wk 38 - 3 Nephi 12-16 I Am the Law, and the Light

We are at the feet of Jesus! The year is 34 AD and Jesus has been resurrected and is teaching his “other sheep” in the new world.

He calls and commissions the 12 disciples, delivers the Sermon on the Mount, and
speaks the Beatitudes. Jesus teaches the people the Lord’s prayer, commands them to judge not, beware of false prophets, and promises salvation to those who do the will of the Father.

Jesus explains that the law of Moses is fulfilled in Him and that there are other lost
sheep of Israel that he will visit. He explains that in the latter-days the gospel will go forth to the Gentiles and then to the house of Israel and the Lord’s people will see eye to eye when He brings again Zion.

Nathan Siebach and Leah Danielson discuss 3 Nephi 12-16 and share their insights into these chapters.

A full script from this show with scriptures, notes, and quotes can be found here.

Thanks for joining us as we put on the armor of God!


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