Wk 28 - Alma 32-35 Plant This Word in Your Hearts

The year is 74 BC and Alma and several of his companions are serving a mission to reclaim the apostate Zoramites-the ones with the Rameumptom! The poorest Zoramites have been kicked out of the synagogues because of their poverty and have become humble. Alma and Amulek teach them to have faith and teach them to pray.

The believers are cast out of Antionum and the Zoramites join the Lamanites against the Nephites in battle. The good guys win and the new converts join the people of Ammon.

Nathan is joined by Brent and Karen Anderson as they discuss Alma 32-35 and share their insights into these chapters.

A full script from this show with scriptures, notes, and quotes can be found here

Thanks for joining us as we put on the armor of God!


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