Wk 33 - Helaman 1-6 The Rock of Our Redeemer

 Lehi and Nephi covert thousands of Nephites and then go to the land of Nephi to preach to the Lamanites. They are imprisoned for many days, encircled by fire, and 300 of their captors witness this miracle and hear the voice of God. As a result, thousands of Lamanites are converted. The Lamanites become more righteous, eradicate the Gadianton Robbers from their lands and begin to preach to the Nephites.

We'll discuss how pride separates us from the Spirit and strength of the Lord. Sanctification comes from yielding our hearts to God. If we make Jesus Christ our foundation, we cannot fall. Our faith is strengthened by “the greatness of the evidences [we have] received.”

Nathan Siebach discusses Helaman 1-6 and share his insights into these chapters.

A full script from this show with scriptures, notes, and quotes can be found here.

Thanks for joining us as we put on the armor of God!



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