Wk 19 - We Have Entered Into A Covenant With Him

After King Noah puts Abinadi to death, Alma converts hundreds of followers and depart into the wilderness. The Lamanites conquer King Noah's people and King Noah is put to death. His son, Limhi, reigns in his stead in bondage to the Lamanites.

Alma and his followers dwell in the land of Helam and also come under bondage to the Lamanites. King Limhi's people and Alma's people both humble themselves and the Lord eases their burdens. Both are miraculously delivered from bondage and return to the land of Zarahemla.

What trials and sufferings are you enduring at this time? How has the Lord eased your burdens or delivered you in a time of need?

In this episode of All Enlisted, Nathan and Emily Siebach discuss Mosiah 18-24 and share their insight on deliverance.

A full script from this show with scriptures, notes, and quotes can be found here

Thanks for joining us as we put on the armor of God! 


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