Wk 13 - Enos - Words of Mormon - He Works in Me to Do His Will

Enos prays all day and all night receiving a remission of his sins. He prays for his brethren the Nephites and then for the Lamanites. Jarom reveals that the Nephites lived the Law of Moses but believed in the Messiah as if he'd already come. Five authors compose the book of Omni and the three major groups of the Book of Mormon come together for the first and only time in this book.

Mormon places the unedited Small Plates of Nephi on top of the abridged Large Plates of Nephi and includes a transition called The Words of Mormon. In this book we learn of some really cool facts about King Benjamin not found anywhere else!

Emily and Nathan Siebach share their testimonies and insights into these books.

A full script from this show with scriptures, notes, and quotes can be found here

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