Wk 40 - 3 Nephi 20-26 Ye Are the Children of the Covenant

We are at the crowning event of the Book of Mormon – Jesus’ visit to the Americas!

Jesus miraculously provides the sacrament and teaches of the Abrahamic covenant and the gathering of Israel. He expounds the scriptures to the people, commands them to search the scriptures, and commands them to write the words of Isaiah.

Jesus explains that his messengers will prepare the way for the Second Coming and a marvelous work will take place in the latter days. Israel is commanded to pay tithes and offerings and keep a book of remembrance.

Nathan Siebach and Lara Koontz discuss 3 Nephi 20-26 and share their insights into these chapters.

A full script from this show with scriptures, notes, and quotes can be found here.

Thanks for joining us as we put on the armor of God!



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