Wk 42 - Mormon 1-6 I Would That I Could Persuade All to Repent

We’re at the end of the Nephite civilization as we know it. 63 years are covered in these chapters - AD 322-385.
Ammaron instructs 10 year old Mormon concerning the sacred records.
War commences between the Nephites and the Lamanites and the Three Nephites are taken away.
Mormon, at just 16 years old, leads the Nephite armies against the Lamanites and blood and carnage sweep the land. The Nephite day of grace is passed.
Mormon obtains the plates of Nephi as instructed by Ammaron and cries repentance unto the Nephites and they gain a great victory then glory in their own strength.
Mormon refuses to lead them, and his prayers for them are without faith.
The wars continue for many decades and greater wickedness prevails than ever before in all Israel.
Women and children are sacrificed to idols as the Lamanites begin to sweep the Nephites before them. Mormon once again agrees to lead the Nephite armies and the Nephites gather to the land of Cumorah for the final battles.
Mormon hides the sacred records in the hill Cumorah before the final battle.
As the Nephites and Lamanites clash in mortal combat, hundreds of thousands on both sides are slain with the sword. The Lamanites are victorious, and the Nephite nation is completely destroyed.

Nathan and Holly Siebach discuss Mormon 1-6 and share their insights into these chapters.

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